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I’m a 40 something year old male with 4 young kids, a lovely partner, and experiencing a mid-life nerdy crisis. For the last 10 years I’ve run my own mISV (micro independent software vendor) business developing and selling mostly time tracking applications. These applications were all installable Windows programs until last year when I launched a web based time clock system which was developed mainly in PHP and Javascript (Prototype and JQuery) and is hosted on a LAMP stack. My other products are Time Clock MTS, Timesheets Lite, Timesheets MTS, and Time and Attendance Plus. These programs were developed in Visual Basic 6 and right now are being ported to C# using Winforms.

I also help my partner run a collectables and hobby supplies business, write for a popular collecting weblog and maintain several different websites. Sometimes I also dabble in a bit of contract web-development mostly focused on custom WordPress solutions. For example, I built the Numismatic Association of Australia website and I’m currently developing a nifty reference site for the Perth Numismatic Society (no, I didn’t develop the website in that link). And finally, I still do the odd bit of contract programming (mostly VBA and C#) but I’m trying to stop this sort of thing because I really don’t have the time for it.

Back in the early 1990’s I managed to get a degree in mechanical engineering but haven’t actually worked as an engineer since 2006. To be honest I wasn’t all that good at it anyway so the engineering world probably doesn’t miss me.

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About markn

Mark is the owner and founder of Timesheets MTS Software, an mISV that develops and markets employee timesheet and time clock software. He's also a mechanical engineer, father of four, and a lifelong lover of gadgets.