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The What Mark Did blog is written by me, Mark, and it’s mostly about what I’ve done. Occasionally it’ll be about what I am about to do, and sometimes it’ll just be about what I am thinking. Most of it will be technical because my job is technical and a lot of my interests are technical. Some of it will be nerdy because I am a 40 year old going through something of a nerdy renaissance (thanks to the Big Bang Theory mostly). Right now I am expecting entries covering programming (C#, PHP, Javascript, VB6), web development, search engine optimization, gadgets, software, and whatever else happens to interest me.

As I write this entry I am not expecting a lot of my entries to be of much interest to anyone but myself so you’ll have to excuse any self indulgence. I don’t feel bad about this because I am self employed and spend a lot of hours staring at a computer and need to get what I am thinking written down. So I intend that this blog be something of a medium for my thoughts during my work day and I am certain that sometimes it will only make sense to me. Apologies in advance for this.

If you’re wondering about the title of the blog thanks must go to my lovely partner who suggested the name as a play on the children’s book title What Katy Did. So, if you’re interested in What Mark Did please read on.

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About markn

Mark is the owner and founder of Timesheets MTS Software, an mISV that develops and markets employee timesheet and time clock software. He's also a mechanical engineer, father of four, and a lifelong lover of gadgets.