Need a Software Developer in Adelaide, South Australia?

I live in the north-eastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia and if you need a software developer then I could be your man. I don’t actively seek contract work but (very) rarely say no when a proposal is put to me. I’ve done small programming contracts around South Australia for many years to dozens of different companies. In the last few years I’ve mostly done work for various state and federal government departments including DIISTRE, DMITRE, and the now defunct Innovate SA. In fact, Don’t think that I just offer programming services, I am a qualified mechanical engineer with a good understanding of manufacturing and business processes and can offer valuable high level advice that might mean you or your company gets a better solution from the beginning.

Here’s what I can do:

  • Examine your business process problems and offer advice on whether some sort of custom software development is the right solution.
  • Offer high level architecture advice on software solutions.
  • Build tools to help you get data from one system into another.
  • Offer development expertise in PHP, Javascript/JQuery/Prototype/CSS, C# .NET, VBA, and VB6.
  • Offer advice and setup expertise for companies wanting to set up websites and associated technologies including blogging engines, web hosts, and database development.
  • Offer advice on marketing your website and structuring it better to make it search engine friendly.

Here’s some of what I’ve done:

  • I’ve written and published several business applications that are used by thousands of companies. Take a look at my Time Clock MTS Website and Timesheets Lite for an idea of what I can do.
  • I’ve developed and published a successful web-application, Online Time Clock MTS.
  • I worked for 11 years as a mechanical engineer doing product design, developing manufacturing systems, and delivering business automation services.

Contacting Me

If you want a PHP developer in Adelaide, a C# developer in South Australia, or a VBA / Excel developer in Adelaide then please give me a call. I’m a friendly guy and always answer my phone.

P: 0488 135 305

What I Charge

I charge fair commercial rates. The exact cost depends on how much work you want done and how well defined that work is. My rates usually start at around AU$100 per hour.