The Rooftop Solar System – 1 Week Later

It’s been a week since a 4.18kW solar system was installed on our roof and I thought it would be nice to document what it’s done in these seven days. The Suntech solar panels, the Sunny Boy inverter, and our good friend, the sun, have teamed up to generate 139.39 kWh. The good people of my house (myself among them) consumed 40.79 of those kWh during daylight hours resulting in a net export into the South Australian electricity grid of 98.6 kWh. In the times where the solar system output did not exceed our power consumption (for example at night when solar power generation tends to be….sub-optimal) we’ve drawn 41 kWh from the power grid. By my calculations (and neglecting the fixed electricity connection costs) we’re about $40 in credit in our first week of solar power generation. Not too bad at all.

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