Bohemian Pilsner with Flameout Hop Addition

This is the third time I’ve brewed this particular Bohemian Pilsner recipe with the only variation being a flameout hop addition of Czech Saaz. Last time I brewed it the hop flavour was a bit grassy and overpowering, so I’ve dropped the addition to 25g down from 35g last time.

29 January 2017

Bohemian Pilsner

12.5L BIAB

3kg Gladfield Pilsner Malt (3.8EBC)
0.26kg Weyermann Vienna Malt (7.5EBC)
Fermentis SAFLAGER 34/70

15L strike water at 72C with 69C target mash temp. Stir every 20 minutes of mash. At the end of the mash the temperature was 67C. At that point I squeezed the bag and rinsed it with 4L of cold water. This resulted in 17.5L of pre-boil wort with an SG of 1.037 at 51C. Temperature corrected to 1.046.

30 minute boil

7g of Warrior 15.5%AA @ 30 minutes
17g Saaz (4.4%AA) @ 15 minutes
15g Saaz (4.4%AA) @ 10 minutes
1/2 whirlfloc @ 10 minutes
25g Saaz (4.4%AA) @ Flameout.

I followed my usual no chill routine to get the wort down to 12.5C. At that point I poured it into my sterilised fermenter and took at gravity reading of 1.053. There was 13.75L of wort in the fermenter which I aerated and then sprinkled the yeast on top. This will be using the Brulosopy Fast Lager method which means leaving it at 12.5C for 5 days before allowing the temperature to ramp up to 20C over 2 days, holding at 20C for a week or so before fining with gelatin and cold crashing.

Fermentation Log

30/1/17 – Set temp of 12.5C.
6/2/17 – +3C each day until 20C
8/2/17->11/2/17 – 20C
11/2/17 – Fine with gelatin
11/2/17->13/2/17 – Cold crash to 1C

13/2/17 bottled after bulk priming w/130g of sugar. Forgot to take final gravity reading before bulk priming, gravity after bulk priming was 1.019.

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