Prometheus – Hit or Miss

I went to see Prometheus last night. This is the long awaited “prequel” for the move Alien and the first time that the director of that fine film, Ridley Scott, had returned to the Alien franchise. Now the first two Alien movies were excellent, the third was ok, and the fourth was execrable while the spin off “Alien vs Predator” movies have been deplorable beyond belief. So, aficionado’s of the series (myself included) expected a lot of Prometheus and sadly it largely failed to deliver for me. I found the character development to be somewhat childish and the sound-track just didn’t fit with the subject matter of the movie. The biggest failure of the movie though, was the complete lack of suspense or edge of the seat thrills that Alien and Aliens both had in spades. So I guess that makes Prometheus a miss for me.

All that being said I did like the premise behind the movie being a “parallel” prequel rather than a direct lead up to the events on LV-426 shown in Alien and Aliens. I also liked the idea that the acid-for-blood aliens in the original movies could have many different variations that evolved on different planets in isolation to each other. However, despite these positives I am not naive enough to miss that this parallel prequel strategy leaves the franchise wide open for (and I am going to copyright this phrase), prequel-sequels.

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