Dipping my Toes in the ODesk Pond

I’ve known for a while that the main limiting resource in the on-going growth of my software business is me. I’ve had real issues being willing to farm out work to others and it hasn’t helped that when I have reached out and found others to do work for me that results have mostly been awful. There’s been one good experience on 99Designs a few years back and about six months ago I found a Virtual Assistant in Canberra who has been doing good work for me. But other than those two I’d say quite cheerfully that I’ve wasted my money paying people to do work for me.

My problem right now is that I want to build some Explainer Videos for one of my products and need some inspiration in terms of the tone, and content of the scripts for those videos. The videos will be used on Ad Words landing pages. I want them to be short (two minutes or so) and to quickly establish empathy with the potential users (we understand your problem) and then present them with a solution (my software). I’d like the videos to be light-hearted and, if possible, amusing. After all, my products are pretty boring so any humour that can be injected can only be a good thing. I’ve written one script myself but really want a few so I can get 10-15 minutes of voice talent recorded with the eventual aim of getting several videos made and A/B testing them. Now, I know that I should write the scripts myself but to be perfectly honest I don’t have the time or the talent to write multiple scripts from a blank page. So I was hoping that I could find some people with some experience creating explainer video scripts and they could write some scripts for me. Even if I don’t use the scripts at least they’d provide me with some inspiration so I could develop a few more myself.

ODesk seems to be the freelancer site of choice these days. So I’ve toddled off and set up an ad for 2 x 2 minute explainer video scripts. After a week or so I’d got 6 applications and a few hours ago I chose two of the applicants to interview via Skype. I’ve since conducted those interviews and hired both applicants. My expectations are not high but for the cost a few hundred dollars I might get one script I can use and I’m fairly certain I’ll get some useful ideas I can work on myself.