Setting up Apache Permissions for www-data and an FTP User

A problem I have when setting up a website on a new server (or a new site on an existing server) is sorting out permissions for the Apache user (www-data) and an FTP user. I can never quite remember how to set things up so that I am not continually needing to log into a console to adjust permissions so I can FTP some files to the server. This post is the definitive reminder to myself showing how it should be done. This example applies to Ubuntu but I guess it is equally applicable to other flavours of Linux.

Add the FTP User to the www-data Group

First thing we want to do is add the FTP user (you have created an FTP user haven’t you?) to the www-data usergroup. www-data is the user/group used by Apache.

sudo adduser ftp-username www-data

Change Ownership of Files

The next step is to set the www-data group as the owner of all files and directories in the HTML source directory.

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www

Grant Group Permissions

Now we want to add write permission for the www-data group for all the files and directories in the HTML source directory.

sudo chmod -R g+w /var/www

Add umask for New Files

The final step is to make a change to an Apache configuration file so that the umask for new files created by Apache is such that the www-data group has write permissions on them. Open /etc/apache2/envvars in your text editor of choice and add this to the bottom of the file:

umask 007

The three octal digits for umask are for the Owner/Group/Others. The 0 leaves permissions unmasked (ie left at read/write/execute) and 7 gives no permissions at all. This would be equivalent to chmod 770. There’s a useful chart here showing the relationship between the binary rwx permissions and the octal numbers used by chmod and umask.

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