Having Trouble Viewing Media on Your Sony Bravia TV?

If you’ve got a latish model internet-enabled Sony TV (we have a Sony Bravia KDL40HX750 TV) then you may know it can display media streamed from a compliant DLNA server. If you know this you probably also know that the Sony TV’s can be very picky about what media formats (specifically movies) they will and wont play. I’ve had some luck converting movies to different file formats but even with this solution I’d pretty much given up on watching streamed movies on the TV because it was just all too hard. So I’d been resorting to using my five year old WD Live Media Player with an external HDD plugged into it.

However, I’ve hit on a solution that has allowed me to watch almost any movie in any format on our Sony TV. I’ve setup a DLNA media server and downloaded the great app Bubble UPNP to our Nexus 7 tablet. Once the app is installed it’s just a matter of connecting it to our media server, choosing a movie to play and selecting our Sony TV as a rendering device. Once that is done and I press PLAY in the app by the magic of smoke and mirrors the movie starts playing on the TV. Fabulous.

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