Moving this blog from MovableType to WordPress

Gentle reader, I am sure you’ll be pleased to know that this blog gets almost no traffic. It’s a busy day when one visitor shows up here to disturb the electronic cobwebs. This doesn’t bother me much but I’ve always wondered if putting the blog on a different platform would help. Right now it’s on a very old version of MovableType. I’m going to move it onto WordPress, which is the most popular blogging platform out there. I’ve used it enough to know it’s pretty freaking awesome. I’ve also heard that WP is the ducks testicles as far as SEO goes especially when a good SEO plugin like Yoast’s SEO is used. While I don’t particularly believe that a simple change of blog platform can help that much there’s no harm in testing. So as something of an experiment I’ve decided to move this blog to WordPress, install the Yoast SEO plugin, do a bunch of 301 redirects from the old blog entries to the new ones and see if the blog actually gets any improvement in terms of the traffic it sees. For reference here’s the traffic stats for the last 3 months (prior to December 6 2013).

Vists: 431
Unique Visitors: 320
Pageviews: 676
Pages/Visit: 1.57

The visits were sourced from referrals (263), direct type ins (97), organic searches (56) and social referrals (15).

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